The Only SEO Tools You’ll Ever Need to Boost Your Web Placement

Search Engine Optimization is a rather complex and never ending process. You have to analyze a lot of things including what keywords people are searching for, the density of those keywords in your sites, how many sites link back to you, how popular your links are and so on. Doing all this manually can be a huge pain.

With that in mind, regardless of whether you’re an SEO guru or a beginner, these twenty tools are guaranteed to make your life easier.

Keyword Research

When people – like us – build web sites, they assume they know what keywords people use to get to their sites. For the basic keywords this works but there a lot of untapped keywords that you might be unaware of. Doing the proper research to find out all possible keywords is imperative in this case. The keyword research tools below let you do all that in a jiffy.

Google Search Keyword Search

Google’s tool provides keyword ideas and suggestions siphoned directly from Google’s search data. This is slightly different from the Adwords Keyword tool in that it suggests keywords not already associated with your Adwords account and provides a lot more information.

Just key in your site and normal keywords and let it provide you with a plethora of new ideas.

iWeb Tool Keyword Density Checker

Another tool which looks through your page and creates a tag cloud. If you prefer raw data, it also shows you how many times each keyword occurs on your page.


If you don’t mind a paid solution, Mint is a top-notch analytics suite which a lot of developers swear by. It features a beautiful interface to present all the data.

Check out other SEO tool and read the complete article.


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