Web Development from Scratch: The Absolute Basics for Beginners

Lets cover the absolute basics. This series is for those of you who have zero experience with web design. HTML, CSS, AJAX? What the heck are these acronyms?

Six Steps:

As you’ll find, like a pair of shoes, you’ll likely need to experiment with many code editors before settling with your favorite.

Before working with HTML, we must first understand exactly what an HTML element, or tag really is.

Clean, structured HTML is the goal. We’ll learn how to structure every document, and further review the available elements.

In this secton we’ll review the six different HTML heading elements that are available to you.

In this section we’ll discuss the HTML style attribute, and how it can be used to style the element, or tag, that it is applied to.

In this lesson, we’ll review the process of creating and linking to external CSS stylesheets. We’ll discuss why this is preferable to using inline styling.

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